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You can place an online order for background searches here. Fill out the form below with your information and the information of the subject of your search, and then select a search package from the store below. Ohio Background Check.com offers 5 packages for your convenience.  Custom packages can be emailed to: ohiobackground@msn.com

BASIC: $20.00

  • State Criminal Background Check

BASIC PLUS: $55.00

  • State Criminal Background Check
  • State DMV

BRONZE: $55.00

  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • SSN Trace

SILVER: $79.99

  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • SSN Trace
  • State DMV Report
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Search

GOLD: $105.00

  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • SSN Trace
  • State MVR Report
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Federal Criminal Background Check
  • Domestic Terrorist Watch List Search

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